Home Spa Night


Good evening everyone 🙂

Just wanted to pop on here and share some photos of a home spa night I had a few days ago…

One of my goals for this year is to take the time to look after myself a bit more (skin, hair, body, mind etc.) and I think putting an hour aside to do just that every so often is really important for all of us!

My two best friends got me a spa kit for my birthday as a way of cheering me up because I caught Covid and couldn’t go to a spa weekend that I had planned…Major bummer at the time but it got re-arranged so it was all good in the end! How cute is this kit though?!

I was dying to try these ‘oatmeal’ bath salts as they smelt sooo divine. I love that they come in a little bag that you can put straight into the bath ❤

They made my skin feel really soft and smooth ~

This was a clay face mask that is supposed to soak up all the dirt off of your face. You slowly add hot water until it becomes a paste and then apply it while it’s still warm for 5 minutes.

I really liked this face mask. My skin felt genuinely clean and fresh and also SUPER soft afterwards. I did make the mistake of using it all at once though…but luckily I have another one, hehe.

The final thing I used was this floral water. It’s apparently really pure water that you apply after your face mask. It’s really refreshing to use to be honest – especially after a hot bath!

Feeling fresh faced and relaxed!

All of these products are made from recycled materials and are vegan too! How great is that? ❤

My friends were so cute getting me this – I love them to pieces.

~Charlotte x


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