New Apartment!



I just moved into my very first APARTMENT!!

Hiya everyone, I’m super happy to be finally be writing this post because it’s been such a long process trying to find a place of my own to live – but I’ve finally done it πŸ™‚

I thought I’d show you some of the photos I took the first few days when most of the furniture was finally in. There’s still some stuff the needs to arrive/needs to be ordered to make it more ‘homely’ but here’s what we are working with so far…

Cushions are from Dunelm and the sofa from IKEA

Coffee table is from H&M home and the rug and pouffe are from Dunelm

The first thing to come together was the living room. The living room is actually a lot bigger than I realised and I can easily fit in my sofa, full sized piano and desk with room for more if I wanted. This was super important as I work from home 80% of the time! I’m still waiting on the TV cabinet but that will be here soon.

Lamp shade is from Dunelm and I have matching ones throughout the apartment

The theme I really wanted throughout the whole apartment was Contemporary/Scandinavian, and I do think I somewhat achieved this. To achieve the theme I chose lots of neutral whites and creams accented with wood and the odd bit of black furniture to break up the cream. The TV cabinet is wooden rattan so will fit in really well with the theme when it arrives I’m sure.

One thing you will notice is that I still need to buy curtains! Still trying to decide on the colour…

This desk I’ve actually had for a couple of years now and it was from IKEA. It actually goes really well with the theme which was lucky! That Portofino poster is actually now hanging on the wall by the window and I’ve ordered another one to match it because the room really needs some colour.

I will make another post when everything is finally together.

I’m also a little obsessed with the kitchen in this apartment! Everything in the apartment has recently been refurbished by the landlord so the kitchen (oven, floor, cupboards), carpets, bathroom and doors are all brand new! I’m the first one to ever use it which is so nice 😊. It’s also just all been painted!

The kitchen is currently very organised and I really hope it says that way! I find it really calming to have everything in it’s place looking nice. Most of the kitchen ware here is from IKEA apart from the kettle and storage containers.

And here I am being super excited about my new home :). And naturally, there is a green tea in hand ~

I haven’t showed the bedroom yet but it’s nearly done. I just need a few more bits like a lamp/bedside table etc. but I will show you in a future post x

All the best,

~Charlotte x


London Days


Hey Guys ❀

I was meaning to post this final blog post about my trip to London recently but completely forgot because I’ve been crazy busy moving to a new apartment (more on that though in the next blog post).

BUT I’m here now and would love to share some final London moments…

One of the things I love to do when in London is to visit China Town. I go nearly every time I’m in London but weirdly I’d never actually eaten there until this trip! If you’ve ever been to China Town you’ll know how insanely good the smells are when you are walking though and the food always looks incredible.

Soooo, me and the girls went to a hot pot restaurant there and Oh My Days was it tasty! We had dim sum, fried rice, fried spicy tofu, noodles, egg soup, and more. Super YUM. I was so full after that I wanted to just lie down and go to bed…

The restaurant was super busy though and we did have to queue for a while to get a table. A good tip is booking ahead if you can!

We also came across this cute little cafe. Sadly we ended up not actually having coffee here because the wait time was too long and we needed to catch a train, BUT I did get some cute pics anyways ❀

One of my new fav things to do in London is to get the Uber Boat! It’s really not that expensive and you get to see all the iconic sites on London while sitting down and relaxing πŸ™‚ ~ There is also a snack/coffee bar on board for longer trips. You just tap your card when you get on and then again when you get off just like you would on the Tube, so it’s super easy!

Saw this beautiful building on our way to take pics at Tower Bridge :).

We found the perfect photo spot for Tower Bridge where you don’t get any people in the background! We had to queue for a few minutes to get some snaps but it was totally worth it ~

I took the below photo at Battersea Power Station. I love the new shopping mall there, it’s so contemporary and unlike any other shopping mall I’ve ever been to. As you’ll know from my most recent post, they also have a great cocktail bar there too ;).

All for now,

~Charlotte x

Breakfast at The Ivy


Hello, I hope if you are reading this post you are having a lovely evening ~

I recently visited The Ivy in Soho for the first time with some friends and really enjoyed it. My friends have been telling me about how they either love The Ivy or really want to go to The Ivy etc., for a long time now…so now we’ve finally all been!

(…For breakfast at least…)

In London The Ivy is located in Soho which is one of my favourite places to visit in London. I love the atmosphere, shops, restaurants, funky bars and how there is always so much going on at all times of the day <3.

The day we visited The Ivy I was actually carrying a small carry-on suitcase with me because I was leaving London on the train that afternoon. One of the good things about eating here was that on arrival they put my luggage in a cloakroom. So if you have a lot of bags with you but still want to go somewhere to eat, this would probably be a good option for you.

And…look how cute the napkins are!

Avocado and Eggs

Between the four of us that met up for brunch we had either eggs or pancakes ~

I went for the avocado and eggs with rocket and hollandaise sauce and it was really good. I’m quite fussy with eggs but these ones were cooked perfectly and it was probably one of the best breakfasts I’ve had in a while. My friend Charlotte had the pancakes and how insanely good do they look?! I also went for a smoothie but didn’t get a pic πŸ™‚

Breakfast Pancakes

The interior of the Ivy was very modern and groovy (with some interesting choices of art lol – see the photo of a foot below).

It’s also waiter service in The Ivy so we were well looked after. I love the backdrop interior to the below photo – it’s such colourful and fun place to eat. I think the word I’m searching for is ‘vibrant’ haha.

All in all, if you are near Soho in London and fancy a decent breakfast – consider visiting The Ivy πŸ™‚

~ Charlotte x

Battersea Power Station Cocktails


Hey guys,

While I was in London over the weekend I visited the new and improved Battersea Power Station!

Like everyone else, I’ve been seeing people visiting Battersea Power Station all over social media so I was very curious to visit ~

This was so delicious

Battersea Power Station is now a modern shopping mall that cost over 9 billion pounds to create, funded by the Malaysian Royal Family. One of the main attractions there is the cocktail bar called ‘The Control Room’ which is in the exact location the old control room used to be with some of the old controls still in the background!

There is even a guide who will talk you through the history of the Power Station while you have a drink! Shout out to the barista Claudia who took this sweet photo of us ❀

The atmosphere in the Control Room was really calm and sophisticated. It felt late at night even thought it was 2pm in the afternoon ~

Obligatory group cocktail photo ❀

I highly recommend visiting Battersea is you find yourself in London and want something different to do that is not typically ‘touristy’. And make sure you visit the Control Room and say hi to Claudia πŸ˜‰ x


~ Charlotte x

Borough Market


Hiya Everyone,

I spent this weekend in London with two of my best friends and one of the first things we did while in the city was to explore Borough Market ~

Borough Market mainly sells various kinds of street food. They have so many things to choose from such as fresh seafood, cakes and pastries, smoothies, coffee and hot chocolate, fresh fruit, Italian, Buddha Bowls, Chinese, and so on!

As you can see I went for a Buddha Bowl but it was a really hard choice ;). It was bulgar wheat, red cabbage and halloumi – it was sooo good too.

How cute are this little cupcakes?! (They even had an entire stall just dedicated to crumble!)

My friends went for a halloumi wrap and a truffle ciabatta and…oh my days how good does the ciabatta look??! The food there was out of this world.

If you look really closely at the below photo you can see the Shard! We sat on some steps at the back of the market to eat as you can people watch haha.

Also, we went early around 10am as the market apparently gets really busy throughout the day…

…AND a cute group selfie to finish off, naturally.

More to come tomorrow,

~ Charlotte x