New Home Office


Hello guys, I hope all of you are keeping well ❤

It’s a super exciting time for me at the moment as I’ve just been offered my first full time job since graduating from university, that’s relevant to my degree!!

I’m over the moon and cannot wait to start, but before I do I really needed to change some things around in my home to make it more accommodating for home working.

My new role is working from home (which I think is great) and will eventually become partly in the office, so a home office is something I really needed…so me and my parents made one!

This is my new work space: Desk, office chair, lamp, phone, flowers and a hell of a lot of plug sockets for my computer haha.

Originally a table and chairs set belonged to this corner of the house, so we sold it to make the room more office like (the table was too big for the room anyway) and it’s such a massive improvement to the house.

Flowers from my boyfriend and his family (I adore sunflowers)…my roses have gone over though…they’ve been there a while lol

My mom bought me this lamp as a surprise and I think it’s honestly brilliant. It’s a daylight lamp from Amazon and I could not recommend it enough.

It’s also a touch lamp so you can alter the brightness over 5 settings which is great if you find bright lights annoying when you’re working, like I certainly do! It’s going to be perfect for the winter when the nights draw in around 4pm in England ~

Also, we got the chair and desk from IKEA for around £200 for both, which is very reasonable. They match the room very well and make it look more modern ❤

The desk is made from bamboo which I think looks very elegant and natural – puts me in the creative mood~

Feels like I have another space for me in the house now!

I can’t wait to spend my days in here working on projects and learning new things…and to have a space to blog and shoot photos for my blog!

Feeling really grateful for all the new exciting things that are happening at the moment after nearly two years of COVID.

All my love,

~ Charlotte x

Picnic in the Park


Good evening lovelies, how’re you doing? ~

I’m hot…like really hot…

…There’s been a heatwave in England for a few days now and it’s been so lovely having wonderful weather for a change! Although air-conditioning is a foreign concept to British people so the 30 degree heat has been a little bit of a struggle at times haha 🙂

Since the weather has been so brilliant me and my boyfriend decided to go for a little picnic and a walk around Attingham Park (near Shrewsbury) so we could relax in the shade and enjoy the weather!

We packed sandwiches and lots of sun cream and headed out for the day.

Sadly I did end up getting blisters on the backs of my feet from the walk we went on 😦 but, honestly, I don’t care because the weather was so worth it!!

The park is actually a deer park so I definitely recommend a visit if you ever find yourself in Shropshire ❤

We ate a lot of good picnic food and lay watching the clouds – a perfect day 🙂

Peri peri humous is essential

I hope wherever you are reading this from that you have great weather too and are making the most of the summer x

~ Charlotte x



Hey, hi and hello friends ❤

You may have read my recent post from a few days ago where I shared some photos of a pizza and cocktails night that I had with some friends? Well on that same evening I ended up taking some cute Polaroids!

I got an Instax Wide 300 camera for Christmas this year and had only taken a few photos with it so far, so I thought I would take it out for a spin the other night 🙂

Some of them came out a little too white as the lighting wasn’t too great…but they are still so fun in my opinion! I thought you guys might want to see them so I thought I’d put them up on here ~

Georgia had to use her toe as my camera doesn’t have a timer (oops!) x
Olive catching at its finest 🙂

Hope you like!

~ Charlotte x

Birthday Celebrations in Lockdown


Happy New year and I hope, if you are reading this, you are well!! 🙂

On the 18th of January I celebrated my 24th birthday with my family in England’s THIRD national lockdown…

Hotel Chocolate is ridiculously tasty…notice some are already missing!

I had planned to have a party last year but decided against it because of my Master’s degree being very demanding at the time and thought I would have one this year instead 😂. That obviously did NOT go as planned and so a little family celebration it had to be!

Brought my Polaroid out for the occasion too ~

It was lovely in all honesty. We had a buffet, cake, cards, gifts, and a close friend even sent me a little surprise balloon.

Victoria Sponge is one of the only cakes I like! Not a massive fan of cake but I love them for their novelty haha 🙂

I hope eventually I’ll be able to celebrate properly with friends, but I’m not holding my breath haha.

I hope 24 ends up being an exciting year. It’s hard having to stay in every day, never really achieving anything or moving forward. I want to turn 25 having done something I’m proud of.

Aaaand I ended the day painting!

Much love,

~ Charlotte x

Wrapping Christmas Presents



Today I finally got around to wrapping my Christmas presents for my family and friends!

I’m so glad it’s finally Christmas time as this year has been so utterly crap that it’s nice to finally have something exciting and joyful happening…

I still haven’t quite finished my Christmas shopping in all honesty as I still have a few little things for pick up for one or two people but it’s nearly DONE.

I really enjoy buying gifts for people. I love seeing their reactions and opening my laptop and spending hours trying to find the perfect thing, it’s…therapeutic?

I’m also hoping to put up our Christmas decorations tomorrow as well, so then it will feel really festive in the house haha 🙂 ~

I hope everyone is safe and well but also feeling festive if you are someone who celebrates Christmas.

~ Charlotte x