Hiya everyone ❤

I recently made a very exciting purchase.

As you can see from the below photos, I bought a pair of the SKIMS Jasper Buffalo Check Fleece Sleep Set. This was my first ever time buying anything at all from SKIMS so I thought I would make a blog post about it to let you know my verdict!

I can honestly say these pyjamas are one of the best things I have purchased of late. The quality is insanely good (which I would expect for the price £!) and they feel expensive. I can see myself having these for years and years as they are just so well made. I’m also a big fan of the sustainable packaging!

I also LOVE the colour. I don’t own a lot of brown clothing but honestly I don’t know why because this colour really matches my hair and makes everything look very tonal and matchy matchy. They are also ultra soft…for real they are just so incredibly cosy and comfortable to wear, I haven’t worn anything else in the evening but these since I got them last week! I find I don’t own a lot of pyjamas because I always lean toward an oversized t-shirt or nighty as in the past I’ve found pyjama sets can be kind of uncomfortable? Am I the only one? But not these!!

These SKIMS fleece pyjamas are just eternally comfortable and I actually think I want to buy a second pair in Green… (sorry bank account 😉 )

I would say that if you live an a warm climate they might be too warm for you as they definitely keep in the heat. I live in the UK and it’s currently Winter/Spring time and they have kept me very warm in the low night temperatures but I think I will overheat when late Spring arrives.

I was also unsure what size to buy when I ordered them, but eventually settled on a UK small. I’m a size 8-10 (UK) but the small was recommended for 4-6 UK but in the comments people were saying they run very oversized. This made me order a size small and it was certainly the right decision as they are quite big on me (in a good way) due to the oversized style. I like this style in pyjamas as I like to be comfortable but if you are someone who likes more tighter fitted clothing I would recommend you size down 🙂

All for now,

~Charlotte x

What I’m Wearing:

SKIMS Jasper Buffalo Check Fleece Sleep Set (Size S UK):


Endless Summer


Hiya everyone,

It’s getting super cold here in the UK right now, and I’ve been going through my photo’s from Spain in September craving the 30 degree heat, beautiful sunset skies, and endless summer…pure bliss ❤

I thought I’d post some of them here today (last ones though, I promise!)

The sunsets at our villa (about an hour out of Alicante) were magnificent every single evening. The pink clouds and blue skies were so calming to look at in an evening on our balcony or in our little garden.

And this was the view from the roof! How awesome right?! All the little houses and palm tress in the background just look so aesthetic and beautiful…

Anyone else a polaroid person? I totally am haha.

Our cute little garden ❤ LOVE this place.

A funny little fact is that we couldn’t work out how to use the air-conditioning (oops) so we just lounged around all day in swim ware…although we made the mistake of leaving the balcony doors open at night and got eaten by mosquitoes…after having this happen to me in Venice you’d think I’d have learned my lesson by now, but guess not!!

Can’t get over these sunsets…

Cute little balcony at the back we didn’t discover until the end of our stay!!

It was always so warm that I would wake up SO early every morning, and this photo shows how I felt about that lol…

And finally a little photo of one of the times we went out for dinner ❤ (I’m also obsessed with the colour teal at the moment).

All for now,

~ Charlotte x

Creamy Roasted Tomato and Cheese Pasta


HELLO and happy halloween ❤

*This blog post has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween (sorry!) but I’ve been meaning to post this recipe for a while and today I had some free time so thought “What the heck’!*

A few weeks ago I went around to see a friend and she cooked me the most delicious (and super easy) pasta dish that I tried to replicate when I was in Spain, recently. Her’s was a lot more photogenic looking then mine but I’m still super happy with how my attempt turned out! I made a fresh tomato and garlic and herb cream cheese pasta (baked in the oven) and, oh my, it was tasty…

(See end of blog post for ingredients)

I went to the local supermarket and purchased fresh cherry tomatoes, basil and a tub of garlic and herb cream cheese along with a bag of penne pasta. One of the things I love about Spain is that the fresh food is always SO much nicer than in the UK. So shopping there is always really fun 🙂

After collecting all the ingredients I needed, I pre-heated the oven to 200 degrees and popped my cherry tomatoes in a baking dish with the whole tub of cream cheese in the centre and drizzled the tomatoes with olive oil.

Once that had baked in the oven for around 20-25 mins, a brought the baking dish out of the oven and used a spatula (or fork) to squish down any tomatoes that had not fully popped. I then put some basil leaves on top before placing the dish back in the oven for another 10 minuets.

Once that had all finished cooking in the oven, I started to boil some pasta ready for it to be incorporated into the tomato and cheese sauce.

*Another alternative way of cooking the pasta is using a tin of chopped tomatoes instead of fresh cherry tomatoes and letting the pasta cook in the oven with the tomato juice.*

And this was the end result! I also added salt and pepper when I incorporated the pasta into the sauce to help bring out the flavour. Even my boyfriend who isn’t a massive fan of cream cheese pasta dishes really enjoyed this meal!! I ended up making wayyy too much pasta for the two of us but we still managed to finish it off 😉

It’s super simple to make, minimal effort, tastes great and it doesn’t cost a lot to buy the ingredients. I really recommend making this on a lazy weekend when you feel like a comforting meal but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen.

~Charlotte x


Pasta of your choice

A tub of cherry tomatoes or a tin of chopped tomatoes

Fresh basil

Salt and cracked pepper

Olive oil

A tub of garlic cream cheese

Summer in Yellow


Hiya everyone!

I wanted to come on here and post about this INSANELY gorgeous yellow beach set I got from this summer 💛

OBSESSED – also, can we talk about how blonde my hair is here?!

I mean…come ON. SO NICE!! Yellow’s genuinely been one of my favourite colours for years but I never really wear it because I’m so pale skinned naturally, and it washes me out! This summer (with the help of some fake tan haha) I decided that I was going to dress in more brighter colours and when I saw this outfit I had to grab it.

…And I think it looks great 😉

Love the palm tree back drop ❤

The view from this balcony was also perfect for some photos and I loved the palm trees in the back ground on the golf course. I took these photo’s while in Spain a few weeks ago and the weather was perfect for laying around the pool in a beachy outfit like this.

I feel like the only thing missing from these photos is a lemonade haha 🙂

~Love Charlotte x

What I’m wearing:

Tie Detail Maxi Skirt:

Balloon Sleeve Tie Detail Blouse:

French Manicure


//Hello everyone,

Today I did something I’ve never done before… I went to a nail salon and got a manicure! A French Manicure at that 🙂

I’ve been alive 25 years and it’s taken me until today to realise how AMAZING getting a manicure is! I don’t really like other people touching me etc, so going to salons to get treatments has never really appealed to me, but I finally decided to try it because, hey, you have to try everything at least once right?


What inspired me to try it was that I’ve just come back from Italy and after the trip my nails were a complete state… Fake tan, chipped nails and Deet (mosquito repellent) ruining my own nail varnish all left me desperately needing my nails professionally looking at.

A friend of mine also recently had a pedicure for the first time and loved it…sooo, I thought I’d just give it a go!

I wanted something natural/chic looking, hence why I went for a French Manicure 🙂

The salon was really nice and clean and smelt amazing ~ The staff were so so lovely and gave me the exact thing I was hoping for!! (Was worried it wouldn’t look like I wanted but they got it exactly right!!). They were really gentle and reassured me that even though my nails were quite short that they could give me what I wanted.


And this was the result!

How gorgeous do they look? I couldn’t stop looking at them in the salon and can’t believe the difference from what they looked like before.

Super natural, super chic, I LOVE IT. Thank you Orchid Nails ❤

I’m going to start going every month from now on and might even get my feet done next time. I’m trying to look after myself a bit more, and getting my nails done is one good way of doing that for me.

I’ve also been tinting my eyebrows, fake tanning a bit, going to the gym and trying new skincare to try and feel as great as possible!//

All for now,

~Charlotte x