Hiya everyone ❤

I recently made a very exciting purchase.

As you can see from the below photos, I bought a pair of the SKIMS Jasper Buffalo Check Fleece Sleep Set. This was my first ever time buying anything at all from SKIMS so I thought I would make a blog post about it to let you know my verdict!

I can honestly say these pyjamas are one of the best things I have purchased of late. The quality is insanely good (which I would expect for the price £!) and they feel expensive. I can see myself having these for years and years as they are just so well made. I’m also a big fan of the sustainable packaging!

I also LOVE the colour. I don’t own a lot of brown clothing but honestly I don’t know why because this colour really matches my hair and makes everything look very tonal and matchy matchy. They are also ultra soft…for real they are just so incredibly cosy and comfortable to wear, I haven’t worn anything else in the evening but these since I got them last week! I find I don’t own a lot of pyjamas because I always lean toward an oversized t-shirt or nighty as in the past I’ve found pyjama sets can be kind of uncomfortable? Am I the only one? But not these!!

These SKIMS fleece pyjamas are just eternally comfortable and I actually think I want to buy a second pair in Green… (sorry bank account 😉 )

I would say that if you live an a warm climate they might be too warm for you as they definitely keep in the heat. I live in the UK and it’s currently Winter/Spring time and they have kept me very warm in the low night temperatures but I think I will overheat when late Spring arrives.

I was also unsure what size to buy when I ordered them, but eventually settled on a UK small. I’m a size 8-10 (UK) but the small was recommended for 4-6 UK but in the comments people were saying they run very oversized. This made me order a size small and it was certainly the right decision as they are quite big on me (in a good way) due to the oversized style. I like this style in pyjamas as I like to be comfortable but if you are someone who likes more tighter fitted clothing I would recommend you size down 🙂

All for now,

~Charlotte x

What I’m Wearing:

SKIMS Jasper Buffalo Check Fleece Sleep Set (Size S UK):