New Apartment!



I just moved into my very first APARTMENT!!

Hiya everyone, I’m super happy to be finally be writing this post because it’s been such a long process trying to find a place of my own to live – but I’ve finally done it 🙂

I thought I’d show you some of the photos I took the first few days when most of the furniture was finally in. There’s still some stuff the needs to arrive/needs to be ordered to make it more ‘homely’ but here’s what we are working with so far…

Cushions are from Dunelm and the sofa from IKEA

Coffee table is from H&M home and the rug and pouffe are from Dunelm

The first thing to come together was the living room. The living room is actually a lot bigger than I realised and I can easily fit in my sofa, full sized piano and desk with room for more if I wanted. This was super important as I work from home 80% of the time! I’m still waiting on the TV cabinet but that will be here soon.

Lamp shade is from Dunelm and I have matching ones throughout the apartment

The theme I really wanted throughout the whole apartment was Contemporary/Scandinavian, and I do think I somewhat achieved this. To achieve the theme I chose lots of neutral whites and creams accented with wood and the odd bit of black furniture to break up the cream. The TV cabinet is wooden rattan so will fit in really well with the theme when it arrives I’m sure.

One thing you will notice is that I still need to buy curtains! Still trying to decide on the colour…

This desk I’ve actually had for a couple of years now and it was from IKEA. It actually goes really well with the theme which was lucky! That Portofino poster is actually now hanging on the wall by the window and I’ve ordered another one to match it because the room really needs some colour.

I will make another post when everything is finally together.

I’m also a little obsessed with the kitchen in this apartment! Everything in the apartment has recently been refurbished by the landlord so the kitchen (oven, floor, cupboards), carpets, bathroom and doors are all brand new! I’m the first one to ever use it which is so nice 😊. It’s also just all been painted!

The kitchen is currently very organised and I really hope it says that way! I find it really calming to have everything in it’s place looking nice. Most of the kitchen ware here is from IKEA apart from the kettle and storage containers.

And here I am being super excited about my new home :). And naturally, there is a green tea in hand ~

I haven’t showed the bedroom yet but it’s nearly done. I just need a few more bits like a lamp/bedside table etc. but I will show you in a future post x

All the best,

~Charlotte x




//Happy 1st of May everyone – I hope you’re all doing great 🙂

This weekend I celebrated my graduation for my Master of Arts degree (technically finished in 2020 but…Covid!) and to celebrate my and my boyfriend went up to Manchester City Centre and stayed in Manchesters most desirable hotel, The Midland.

Superior King Room

I came up on the train and got off at Oxford Road Station, which was only a 7min walk to the hotel. I grabbed a latte in Pret while I waited for my room to be prepared and just chilled out for half and hour enjoying watching the people go past the cafe window.

Loved this robe – kinda wanted to keep it

We stayed in a Superior King Room which came with extra space and complimentary bath robes and slippers! They also bought over a bottle of Prosecco to the room for me and my boyfriend to share and extra bath robes in case we needed them. The staff were lovely and couldn’t do enough for me.

Yes, we did drink it all (plus other drinks)…

I’d also booked me and Harrison into a French Restaurant called ‘The Cote’ at 8:30pm, so once we’d settled into the room we set off to find it and enjoyed a nice walk through the city centre. It was a beautiful warm evening and the sun was setting. I enjoyed watching everyone heading out for the evening (Friday night) and seeing all the cool restaurants – there were endless ones to chose from…

Once we got to the restaurant, we both ordered French onion soup to start with a bottle of rose wine. I then ordered a mozzarella and caramelised onion tart and H ordered the pork belly with truffle chips to share. I couldn’t taste the pork because I’m veggie but H assured me it was insanely good! My favourite thing by far was the soup though – honestly it was out of this world!

Freshly made cocktails ❤

After dinner we decided to get drinks at the bar at our hotel as it was such a stunning bar and lobby it would have been a crime not to haha.

I genuinely think it’s the nicest hotel lobby I’ve ever stayed in anywhere – from the gorgeous pillars to the tree covered in lights growing in the bar, it was just stunning. It even smelled like perfume when you walked in! We ordered a daiquiri and a gin and tonic before heading back to our room for the night ❤

Couldn’t help it 😉

The next day we checked out at 11am and headed into the city for more food and some shopping before heading home. The weather was unusually sunny and warm and we had the best day exploring.

I had such a fantastic weekend I wish I could stay here every time I come to Manchester – I love love LOVE IT!//

Best wishes,

~Charlotte x