French Manicure


//Hello everyone,

Today I did something I’ve never done before… I went to a nail salon and got a manicure! A French Manicure at that 🙂

I’ve been alive 25 years and it’s taken me until today to realise how AMAZING getting a manicure is! I don’t really like other people touching me etc, so going to salons to get treatments has never really appealed to me, but I finally decided to try it because, hey, you have to try everything at least once right?


What inspired me to try it was that I’ve just come back from Italy and after the trip my nails were a complete state… Fake tan, chipped nails and Deet (mosquito repellent) ruining my own nail varnish all left me desperately needing my nails professionally looking at.

A friend of mine also recently had a pedicure for the first time and loved it…sooo, I thought I’d just give it a go!

I wanted something natural/chic looking, hence why I went for a French Manicure 🙂

The salon was really nice and clean and smelt amazing ~ The staff were so so lovely and gave me the exact thing I was hoping for!! (Was worried it wouldn’t look like I wanted but they got it exactly right!!). They were really gentle and reassured me that even though my nails were quite short that they could give me what I wanted.


And this was the result!

How gorgeous do they look? I couldn’t stop looking at them in the salon and can’t believe the difference from what they looked like before.

Super natural, super chic, I LOVE IT. Thank you Orchid Nails ❤

I’m going to start going every month from now on and might even get my feet done next time. I’m trying to look after myself a bit more, and getting my nails done is one good way of doing that for me.

I’ve also been tinting my eyebrows, fake tanning a bit, going to the gym and trying new skincare to try and feel as great as possible!//

All for now,

~Charlotte x