Birthday Night Away


Good evening everyone…

…and happy (day after) Valentine’s Day <3. This year was the first time I ever properly celebrated Valentine’s Day with my boo. The past two Valentine’s have been during COVID and it’s just been difficult to plan anything special. It’s also just after Christmas, New Year, both me and Harrison’s birthday’s (both January bebe’s), and our anniversary…so by the time it comes around we can never be bothered to do anything. BUT, this year we DID! H treated me a really nice dinner at a restaurant near to where we live where they have *insanely* good food. We ordered sooo much food and I even got some of my favourite chocolates :). Kinda makes me want to celebrate it every year now…haha.

I never took any photos last night but I completely forgot that I saved a draft blog post from my birthday a few weeks ago!

Did you really go to a spa if you didn’t wear a white robe?

H organised for us to go to a nice spa hotel not too far from my house for an evening with a nice meal, drinks, and a lovely room back in January. I’ve driven past the hotel so many times in my life yet it was the first time I had ever set foot in there!

Those pillows were as squishy and as soft as they look

The room was super nice with really high ceilings and a massive comfy bed <3.

We had dinner in the evening and a bottle of wine. The food was delicious and it was super fun to dress up a little bit nicer for a change. I actually have a lot of photo’s from dinner… but I look a bit tipsy in nearly every one so I think it’s best they remain off the internet haha!

I was so Hungary I forgot to take a snap of my main! oops. (How dreamy does that chocolate look?!)

We ended the night watching movies and YouTube in bed snuggled up in our awesome bed. In the morning we order breakfast to our room before heading back home.

I was sooo great getting to do something for my 25th birthday after missing my last birthday to COVID. I love celebrating birthday’s as it think it’s important to commemorate every year of life that’s given to you. I want to look back and remember all the fun things I did each year, with the people that I care about the most 🙂

All for now,

~Charlotte x


Home Spa Night


Good evening everyone 🙂

Just wanted to pop on here and share some photos of a home spa night I had a few days ago…

One of my goals for this year is to take the time to look after myself a bit more (skin, hair, body, mind etc.) and I think putting an hour aside to do just that every so often is really important for all of us!

My two best friends got me a spa kit for my birthday as a way of cheering me up because I caught Covid and couldn’t go to a spa weekend that I had planned…Major bummer at the time but it got re-arranged so it was all good in the end! How cute is this kit though?!

I was dying to try these ‘oatmeal’ bath salts as they smelt sooo divine. I love that they come in a little bag that you can put straight into the bath ❤

They made my skin feel really soft and smooth ~

This was a clay face mask that is supposed to soak up all the dirt off of your face. You slowly add hot water until it becomes a paste and then apply it while it’s still warm for 5 minutes.

I really liked this face mask. My skin felt genuinely clean and fresh and also SUPER soft afterwards. I did make the mistake of using it all at once though…but luckily I have another one, hehe.

The final thing I used was this floral water. It’s apparently really pure water that you apply after your face mask. It’s really refreshing to use to be honest – especially after a hot bath!

Feeling fresh faced and relaxed!

All of these products are made from recycled materials and are vegan too! How great is that? ❤

My friends were so cute getting me this – I love them to pieces.

~Charlotte x