London Days


Hey Guys ❤

I was meaning to post this final blog post about my trip to London recently but completely forgot because I’ve been crazy busy moving to a new apartment (more on that though in the next blog post).

BUT I’m here now and would love to share some final London moments…

One of the things I love to do when in London is to visit China Town. I go nearly every time I’m in London but weirdly I’d never actually eaten there until this trip! If you’ve ever been to China Town you’ll know how insanely good the smells are when you are walking though and the food always looks incredible.

Soooo, me and the girls went to a hot pot restaurant there and Oh My Days was it tasty! We had dim sum, fried rice, fried spicy tofu, noodles, egg soup, and more. Super YUM. I was so full after that I wanted to just lie down and go to bed…

The restaurant was super busy though and we did have to queue for a while to get a table. A good tip is booking ahead if you can!

We also came across this cute little cafe. Sadly we ended up not actually having coffee here because the wait time was too long and we needed to catch a train, BUT I did get some cute pics anyways ❤

One of my new fav things to do in London is to get the Uber Boat! It’s really not that expensive and you get to see all the iconic sites on London while sitting down and relaxing 🙂 ~ There is also a snack/coffee bar on board for longer trips. You just tap your card when you get on and then again when you get off just like you would on the Tube, so it’s super easy!

Saw this beautiful building on our way to take pics at Tower Bridge :).

We found the perfect photo spot for Tower Bridge where you don’t get any people in the background! We had to queue for a few minutes to get some snaps but it was totally worth it ~

I took the below photo at Battersea Power Station. I love the new shopping mall there, it’s so contemporary and unlike any other shopping mall I’ve ever been to. As you’ll know from my most recent post, they also have a great cocktail bar there too ;).

All for now,

~Charlotte x