Hiya everyone ❤

I recently made a very exciting purchase.

As you can see from the below photos, I bought a pair of the SKIMS Jasper Buffalo Check Fleece Sleep Set. This was my first ever time buying anything at all from SKIMS so I thought I would make a blog post about it to let you know my verdict!

I can honestly say these pyjamas are one of the best things I have purchased of late. The quality is insanely good (which I would expect for the price £!) and they feel expensive. I can see myself having these for years and years as they are just so well made. I’m also a big fan of the sustainable packaging!

I also LOVE the colour. I don’t own a lot of brown clothing but honestly I don’t know why because this colour really matches my hair and makes everything look very tonal and matchy matchy. They are also ultra soft…for real they are just so incredibly cosy and comfortable to wear, I haven’t worn anything else in the evening but these since I got them last week! I find I don’t own a lot of pyjamas because I always lean toward an oversized t-shirt or nighty as in the past I’ve found pyjama sets can be kind of uncomfortable? Am I the only one? But not these!!

These SKIMS fleece pyjamas are just eternally comfortable and I actually think I want to buy a second pair in Green… (sorry bank account 😉 )

I would say that if you live an a warm climate they might be too warm for you as they definitely keep in the heat. I live in the UK and it’s currently Winter/Spring time and they have kept me very warm in the low night temperatures but I think I will overheat when late Spring arrives.

I was also unsure what size to buy when I ordered them, but eventually settled on a UK small. I’m a size 8-10 (UK) but the small was recommended for 4-6 UK but in the comments people were saying they run very oversized. This made me order a size small and it was certainly the right decision as they are quite big on me (in a good way) due to the oversized style. I like this style in pyjamas as I like to be comfortable but if you are someone who likes more tighter fitted clothing I would recommend you size down 🙂

All for now,

~Charlotte x

What I’m Wearing:

SKIMS Jasper Buffalo Check Fleece Sleep Set (Size S UK):


Keeping Warm this Winter


Hello and a good afternoon to you!

For Christmas this year I decided to invest in a proper winter coat. I owned many coats and jackets but I did not own one that was suitable for really cold weather… which is problematic when you live in a place with cold, damp winters.

One of my favourite features is this stunningly fluffy faux fur hood – look how big it is!!!

I ended up choosing this beautiful white puffer coat from Zara. A size small (S) fits me great and it’s ever so warm :).

It’s fleece lined making it soft and cozy, but most importantly, it’s NOT made with down.

So many winter puffers are made with duck feathers and I wanted to find something gorgeous and suitable for the bitter cold that was also cruelty free!

I was definitely successful. This coat is suitable in temperatures -5C to -20C so perfect for winter breaks away (skiing!) or cold bonfire nights.

The pockets are lined and there are even straps in the back to stop the coat from falling off you as it’s quite heavy.

I love styling it with a turtle neck, some jeans, ankle boots/ snow boots, and a little black cross body bag.

Thanks for reading and thank you to all the people who have followed my blog recently ❤

~ Charlotte x

Find it here:

Zara white long water repellent puffer-Parker:

An Oversized Cardigan for All Year Round


Good morning everyone, I hope you are having a great week and keeping healthy if you are in Lockdown!

I want to write a post about this White cardigan I recently purchased from Missguided (as I pretty much live in it haha!).

I think like a lot of people during COVID I’ve bought ALOT of lounge wear, wayyy more than I usually would, this year because we can’t go anywhere but our living rooms…

This cardigan is perfect for lounging around the house. It’s oversized, ties at the waist, is soft and wearable. I LOVEEE it!

I like to style it with black leggings or cycle shorts with fluffy slippers and a t-shirt <3. The sleeves are extra large also, giving you that feeling like your are slightly wrapped in a blanket haha.

Hope you all are well xx

~ Charlotte

What I’m wearing:

Missguided white belted long knit cardigan (size 6/8):

Watch from Daniel Wellington:

Boux Avenue Slippers:

I’m 5ft 6inches and wear a UK size 8

Wrapping Christmas Presents



Today I finally got around to wrapping my Christmas presents for my family and friends!

I’m so glad it’s finally Christmas time as this year has been so utterly crap that it’s nice to finally have something exciting and joyful happening…

I still haven’t quite finished my Christmas shopping in all honesty as I still have a few little things for pick up for one or two people but it’s nearly DONE.

I really enjoy buying gifts for people. I love seeing their reactions and opening my laptop and spending hours trying to find the perfect thing, it’s…therapeutic?

I’m also hoping to put up our Christmas decorations tomorrow as well, so then it will feel really festive in the house haha 🙂 ~

I hope everyone is safe and well but also feeling festive if you are someone who celebrates Christmas.

~ Charlotte x